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Dr. ILa Kathuria.

Dr. ILa Kathuria

Dr.ILA KATHURIA is a graduate of Homeopathic System of Medicine from reputed colleges of India. Dr.Ila Kathuria is one of the most well-known women homeopaths in this country. she draws patients from all over the India and abroad. As a clinician, teacher, and author, she aspires to make homeopathy understandable and accessible for patients

"Truly effective treatment requires innovative thinking and a multi-faceted approach. For this reason, we modify the biochemical terrain, while focusing on the whole person, not simply the disease."

Our advanced design interweaves dietary modulation and nutritional pharmacology, mind-body stress strategies and physical care with thoughtful use of medical therapies in order to enhance your wholeness and healing.

"Our center has been a leader in advancing the Homeopathic treatment of Utrine Tumours, Menopause ,PCOD,Allergies, Bronchitis, Mental health and other women and chilren's diseases. We continue to explore how best to care for the physiological, nutritional, psychosocial and emotional needs of our patients as well as their disease."

Our care is given with dedication and passion We view illness as a turning point a message, a wakeup call for reclaiming your health and transforming your life

Personalized care is the cornerstone of our mission, concentrating on medicine as an art with treatments tailored to each individual.

- Dr. Ila Kathuria


At Holypills Clinic,

  • Our mission is to optimize your health and well-being through a comprehensive and innovative program of care.
  • We work continually in assessing and developing Homeopathic methodologies to advance the frontiers of treatment efficacy and health enhancement.
  • Our care is given with dedication and passion. We approach each person who comes into our clinic as if they were a part of our family.
  • Our commitment is to respect you as a whole person and to inform you of all of your health options so that you become an active participant in your own recovery.
  • Our intention is to create a caring atmosphere infused with the dynamics of hope and the support of a healing community.
  • We view illness as a turning point, a message, a wake-up call for reclaiming your health and transforming your life.
  • We believe in the healing power of hope in guiding and supporting the self.
  • We believe that because the mind and body are interconnected, all dimensions of the self must be considered in your treatment.
  • We encourage healing, vitality and wellness through an active and life-affirming spirit.


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