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  • Cervicitis
  • Leucorrhoea
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Fibrocystic (Breast)

About Holypills

Holypills is amongst India leading Homeopathic clinics of its kind, dedicated to the practice, promotion and clinical research. Founded by an eminent Homeopath Dr. ILa Kathuria. Holypills governed under the guiding principles, providing affordable medical services to patients with care, compassion & commitment.

Role of Homeopathy


Homeopathy is a dominant option to treat PCOS/PCOD. Homeopathic constitutional treatment will help balance hyperactivity of the glands, regulate hormonal balance, dissolve the cysts in the ovaries and force them to resume normal functioning and also eliminate the need for hormone therapies and surgery. The different expressions of this disease can be managed effectively, safely and gently with Homeopathic remedies.


Our strategy to adjust lifestyle of the patient, dissolve scar tissue , reduce pain, improve immune function and most importantly to restore hormonal function. The different expression of endometriosis are managed effectively with homeopathic constitutional medicines


We offer a highly successful and thoroughly researched fertility plan. We support you emotionally, balance your hormones, regulate menstrual cycles, stimulate ovulation, improve the quality of vaginal mucous, treat any underlying pathology including endometriosis, fibroids and PCOS/PCOD.


Holypills Clinic has helped hundreds of women through this delicate transition of life. You don’t need to suffer with mood swings, hot flashes and many other common symptoms associated with menopause.

Fibrocystic (Breast)

Homeopathy helps to cure and dissolve the lump and its recurrence fully by medicine, without any surgical intervention.

Hear from our patient

One of the best Homeopathy Doctor I have ever visited. Good Online support by Dr.Kathuria I recommend Holypills clinic for every one suffering from any type of woman Disorders Best part is I can connect to one of the Best Homeopathy Doctor in India, through skype and get my Homeopathy medicine at my door step.
- Cindy Kang

I have a very positive experience with Dr Kathuria. I live in the States and getting all my medication shipped on time after my initial in person meeting with Dr Ila.I am communicating with the doctor on phone each month regarding the improvement in my condition and medication and dosage adjustment. It is working out pretty good. I would highly recommend Holypills Clinic to anyone who believes in this kind of medicine.
- Shushmita Tandon

Dr.ILa has given me the gift of a healthy body and my little girl. It has been 9 years that I have been married and was frustrated with 5 long years of treatment from allopathy doctors, for what they termed as 'unexplained infertility'. When I met Dr.ILa 4 years back, she told me to focus on my health first rather than a baby, (considering there was nothing wrong with me, except for hormonal imbalance). She helped me come out a long depression and hormonal imbalance caused by countless allopathic medicines I had been taking over the years. I owe a big thanks to Dr.ILa for making my life the way it is- healthy and happy. I would recommend Dr.ILa to all, for any fertility related ailments ….
- Jagpreet Kaur

Dr. Ila Kathuria has helped me to avoid surgery for pcod. She also handled my obesity,acne,constipation and other related problems very successfully.I have noticed remarkable improvement in all my complaints during the treatment. She is amazing.
- Supriyapandey

Great experience !! Was suffering from severe Endometriosis. Got treated by Dr.Ila Kathuria for same and has completely been cured. Dr.Kathuria is one of those doctors who patiently devotes time to understand problems of her patients in depth. Also, my daughter was suffering from respiratory infections now and then due to lack of immunity. Touch wood, she is responding well . Strongly recommended !!
- Neeru Mahajan

Dr.ila is the finest Homeopathy doctor we have come across. She has been treating our family and specially my daughter for pcos. There has been tremendous improvement in her pcos problem. With her medicines.. She is very helpful and caring and attends to problem promptly. Her support is invaluable & I would definitely recommend her and rate her 12 in the scale of 10. Thank you.
- Ramesh Chawla

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