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Endometriosis, refers to the presence of endometriosis tissue, gland, stroma outside the uterine territory either uterine muscle or any other tissues or organs of the body, capable of responding to ovarian hormones.

The main cause is hormonal imbalance which is caused to due to stress.


Symptoms include:

  • Painful periods or heavy periods
  • pain in the lower abdomen (tummy), pelvis or lower back
  • pain during and after sex
  • bleeding between periods
  • difficulty getting pregnant
  • long-term exhaustion and tiredness
  • discomfort when urinating or passing stools


Homeopathy Approach to Endometriosis - Homeopathy Treatment of Endometriosis

Usually in conventional treatment of endometriosis, hormones are used to suppress men­struation – no periods, no endometriosis. However, a lot of people have many side-effects to these treatments. At Holypills clinic we use classical homeopathy to cure the imbalance of hormones that occurs due to stress and emotional imbalance. Our personalised approach will help connect your mind to your body. Thus, removing the need for hormone therapy.


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